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Explore first-hand, experiences and insights into the amazing National Parks around the United States. Whether you are experienced adventurers or first-time newcombers, we cover everything from the basics to the must-know-spots to family-friendly activities.

  • ENP 9.2 Crater Lake: Tips for Planning Your Trip
    In episode 9.2 Bryan talks with Park Ranger John Duwe about planning a visit to Crater Lake National Park, including tips for visiting the lake for the first time, hiking, camping, biking, swimming and fishing. They marvel at what makes Crater Lake a place of wonder. John Duwe is Education Coordinator at the Science and Learning Center at Crater Lake National Park.  
  • ENP 9.1 Crater Lake: Trip Report
    In episode 9.1 Bryan talks with his brother Dan about their trip to Crater Lake National Park in September 2018. They discuss appreciating the clear crystal blue lake from many different vantage points including swimming in the very cold lake.   player