Everybody's National Parks | ENP 9.2 Crater Lake: Tips for Planning Your Trip
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  • ENP 9.2 Crater Lake: Tips for Planning Your Trip
    In episode 9.2 Bryan talks with Park Ranger John Duwe about planning a visit to Crater Lake National Park, including tips for visiting the lake for the first time, hiking, camping, biking, swimming and fishing. They marvel at what makes Crater Lake a place of wonder. John Duwe is Education Coordinator at the Science and Learning Center at Crater Lake National Park. 

    Discussion includes the following:
    • What is Crater Lake (2:10)
    • Where is Crater Lake (2:55)
    • Mt. Mazama Volcano and how Crater Lake became the deepest lake in America (4:46)
    • What makes Crater Lake a natural and unique laboratory to explore (9:40)
    • Crater Lake Science and Learning Center  (11:06)
    • Ranger Programs (12:53)
    • How to explore Crater Lake for the first time (15:11)
    • The lowdown on biking around the rim (19:56)
    • Swimming (22:38)
    • Fishing (25:40)
    • Camping (28:17)
    • Flora and backcountry hiking trails (31:03)
    • Pacific Crest Trail via Union Peak Trail (33:49)
    • Backcountry camping Lightning Springs Campground (35:34)
    • Stargazing (42:36)
    • When to visit (43:24)
    • Wildfires  (46:45)
    • John’s favorite story (50:14)