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Family Adventure in Our National Parks!
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Everybody’s National Parks is a podcast dedicated to family adventure in our national parks. We aim to inspire, inform, and provide guidance and insight to help families and visitors get the most out of their park experience. You will hear about our trips as well as hear from experts regarding history, nature, activities, and tours, pressing issues and also from neighbors and visitors to the parks. We look forward to sharing our tips and tales of adventure with you!

Park Chaser Profile: Everybody’s National Parks

In Episode 19.1, Bryan reflects on how the family got lucky with fantastic spring weather in early May in between snow storms. A challenge when planning your trip to Yosemite is how to avoid crowds, especially in the valley. Because of its immense popularity — there isn’t a typical “shoulder season” to rely on in order to beat the crowds. However, with some planning, you may be able to escape the bulk of the “crowd noise” by taking the trail less traveled.