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Explore first-hand, experiences and insights into the amazing National Parks around the United States. Whether you are experienced adventurers or first-time newcombers, we cover everything from the basics to the must-know-spots to family-friendly activities.

  • ENP 8.5 Grand Canyon: Celebrating 100 Years Looking Back and Looking Forward
    Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its Centennial in 2019. In this episode Bryan speaks with Park Ranger Perri Spreiser about modern history of the Grand Canyon. Ranger Perri shares stories from Spanish explorers arriving at the Grand Canyon in search of gold to it becoming a tourist destination as well as plans for the next 100 years. This is episode number 8.5, the fifth episode in our series on Grand Canyon National Park.    player
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  • ENP 8.4 Grand Canyon: Learn About and Honor Native American Culture When You Visit
    The Grand Canyon is known for geology, but it also has a very rich history of Native Peoples going back 13,000 years. Bryan speaks with Park Ranger Morgan Gresser-MacGregor about Native Americans around the Grand Canyon and about how tourists may experience Native cultures including proper etiquette when visiting Reservations.    player
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  • ENP 8.3 Grand Canyon: Geology and the Earth’s Story from the Rocks
    In episode 8.3 Bryan speaks with Joel Kane, seasonal park ranger and geologist at Grand Canyon National Park about how the Grand Canyon is one of the best geology classrooms in the world showing 2 billion years of geologic history visible to visitors.    player
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  • ENP 8.2 Grand Canyon: Tips for Planning Your Trip
    ‚ÄčIn episode 8.2, Bryan speaks about planning a trip for families to the Grand Canyon with Mike Buchheit, the Field Institute Director for the Grand Canyon Association, the nonprofit partner for Grand Canyon National Park. Mike helps run the Canyon Field School for underserved children, as well as the Field Institute, which offers family tours and hikes of the canyon.    player
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  • ENP 8.1 Grand Canyon: Trip Report
    Bryan and Danielle talk about their family trip to the Grand Canyon at Christmas time with the grandparents. The kids also share their impressions of the Grand Canyon. We also briefly talk about Montezuma Castle National Monument, which we visited on our way back to the airport.    player
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