Everybody's National Parks | ENP 8.2 Grand Canyon: Tips for Planning Your Trip
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  • ENP 8.2 Grand Canyon: Tips for Planning Your Trip
    In episode 8.2, Bryan speaks about planning a trip for families to the Grand Canyon with Mike Buchheit, the Field Institute Director for the Grand Canyon Association, the nonprofit partner for Grand Canyon National Park. Mike helps run the Canyon Field School for underserved children, as well as the Field Institute, which offers family tours and hikes of the canyon.

    Discussion Includes:
    • About the Grand Canyon Association and Field Institute (2:11)
    • How to plan a trip for a family (6:10)
    • River Trips (11:15)
    • Getting Around to see the Canyon including by mule (16:10)
    • Activities with kids (19:44)
    • Safety precautions (24:30)
    • How to avoid crowds (28:45)
    • Favorite Season to visit (31:05)
    • Mike’s Favorite Moments in the Grand Canyon (34:42)
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