Everybody's National Parks | ENP 4.8 GYE: Yellowstone: A Glimpse of the Cosmos in One National Park
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  • ENP 4.8 GYE: Yellowstone: A Glimpse of the Cosmos in One National Park

    Visitors to Yellowstone are witnesses to one of the most dramatic natural laboratories on the planet, which provides answers to the origin of life on earth, to the diversification of life, to solutions to modern day problems faced by society. Bryan talks with scientist Bruce Fouke about his study of Mammoth Hot Springs and how his research is applied to challenges faced by society, now and in the future and how to use your visit to Yellowstone to better understand the Cosmos that surrounds us. He also alleviates our concerns about an impending eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Bruce Fouke is a professor of geology, biology and microbiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of The Art of Yellowstone Science – Mammoth Hot Springs as a Window on the Universe along with photographer Tom Murphy.

    Discussion includes the following:
    • Mammoth Hot Springs is a natural laboratory. How can we glimpse the entire universe around us using the window of Mammoth Hot Springs? (1:30)
    • What is the impact it has on our everyday life? (5:10)
    • What is the most recent understanding of the Tree of Life and how have Yellowstone’s thermal features figured into the development of these understandings? (10:35)
    • What should visitors look for while they are in the park to get some insights and understandings regarding the Tree of Life and this natural laboratory to enhance their visit to Yellowstone? (19:53)
    • Is Yellowstone due for eruption? (28:14)

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