Everybody's National Parks | ENP 4.5.2 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 2) 
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  • ENP 4.5.2 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 2) 
    Bryan talks with MacNeil Lyons about planning a trip to Yellowstone with kids. MacNeil is a published writer, photographer, naturalist and owner of tour company Yellowstone Insight. MacNeil previously worked for the National Park Service as an Interpretive Park Ranger beginning in 1996.

    Discussion includes the following:
    • Yellowstone for Families program (1:34)
    • Yellowstone Insight tours for families (7:14)
    • Tips for avoiding crowds (10:55)
    • What kids like most on Yellowstone Insight tours – stories and digiscoping (16:05)
    • Witness to a Wolf Hunt story (18:31)
    • Where does MacNeil take his own child? (31:00)
    • Recommendations for family itinerary (35:15)
    • Recommendations for family itinerary (35:15)
    • Backpacking recommendations (38:50)
    • Favorite season to photograph Yellowstone (41:14)
    • Favorite locations to photograph Yellowstone (43:40)

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