Everybody's National Parks | ENP 4.5.1 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 1)
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  • ENP 4.5.1 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 1)
    Bryan talks with Jess Haas from Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner with the National Park Service in Yellowstone National Park. They help with educational programming, funding research, and bookstores in the park. Then Danielle talks with her friend, Alex about the tour she did with her family through the Yellowstone Forever Institute.
    • Discussion includes the following:
    • What is Yellowstone Forever (0:25).
    • How should family approach planning a trip to Yellowstone (8:12)
    • Suggestions for itinerary (10:32)
    • Descriptions and highlights of each section of the park (15:45)
    • Different activities and unique experiences (27:48)
    • Best practices to minimize frustration with crowds (33:18)
    • Favorite Back country hike (38:25)
    • Most underrated part of the park (39:09)
    • Favorite front country campsite (39:48)
    • Favorite Yellowstone story (41:26)
    • Yellowstone Forever Institute, “Yellowstone For Families: Mammoth and Grant Village” (44:14)
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