Everybody's National Parks | ENP 4.7 GYE: Yellowstone and Native Americans
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  • ENP 4.7 GYE: Yellowstone and Native Americans
    Bryan talks with historian, Mark David Spence about Native Americans in Yellowstone. People have been coming here for thousands of years. It connects you to hundreds of generations of people. That’s what Yellowstone can do. When you talk to native peoples, you realize it is a landscape full of stories, full of features that people wouldn’t recognize otherwise. Keep in mind the worldview you bring coming into the park and then acknowledge there are stories here you have never considered.

    Discussion includes the following:
    • Brief history of Native Americans in Yellowstone and Government relation ns (3:15)
    • Creation of park and treatment of native peoples (8:22)
    • Relationship now between the park and native peoples (17:58)
    • How should visitors be cognizant of the legacy (20:05)
    • Where should visitors see Native American history in Yellowstone (31:40)

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