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  • ENP 4.6 GYE: Yellowstone: Wolves and Bears   


    Bryan talks with Jim Halfpenny about wolves and bears in Yellowstone. Jim is an author, scientist, educator, and tracker. Jim has written over 25 books and videos including, "Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild" and “Yellowstone Bears in the Wild.” Jim is co-owner of A Naturalist`s World, dedicated to providing educational programs and materials about natural history and ecology.

    Discussion includes the following:

    • Description of A Naturalist’s World. (1:21)
    • How are the new wolf packs changing the ecosystem (2:07)
    • When and why were wolves introduced? (4:34)
    • Wolves' effects on economy, including elk hunting business. (6:16) 
    • Best places for visitors to see wolves. (8:17)
    • Scientific discoveries about wolf behavior. (10:33)
    • Interactions with other wildlife such as ravens. (15:22)
    • Survival story of Wolf 253. (17:42) 
    • Types of bears in Yellowstone. (20:50) 
    • Where to see bears. (21:45)
    • Bear diet. (23:02)
    • Bear wolf relationship. (24:52)
    • Bear reactions to ecological changes such as the precipitous decline of cutthroat trout and whitebark pine trees. (26:36)
    • Hibernation and climate change. (27:45)
    • World Famous Grizzly Bear 264. (30:47)
    • Bear art. (32:48)
    • Animal tracking. (34:25)

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