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Explore first-hand, experiences and insights into the amazing National Parks around the United States. Whether you are experienced adventurers or first-time newcombers, we cover everything from the basics to the must-know-spots to family-friendly activities.

  • ENP 22.3 Isle Royale: Roaming With The Wolves
    One of Isle Royale National Park’s most famous attractions is one that visitors rarely see: wolves. Bryan had the opportunity to speak with Park Ranger Mark Romanski, Division Chief of Natural Resources, about the park’s most elusive resident.

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  • ENP 22.2 Isle Royale: Trip Planning Options Abound From Daytrips To Sunken Ships
    Although notoriously difficult to get to (and, in Bryan’s case, off of), Isle Royale National Park rewards visitors with acres of solitude and Superior vistas. Park Ranger Liz Valencia, the park’s Chief of Interpretation and Cultural Resources, joins Bryan to discuss the island’s mystique and why it’s rugged beauty is more approachable than you think.

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  • ENP 22.1 Isle Royale: Trip Report
    Getting to Isle Royale National Park proves easier than getting off the famously difficult to reach island for Bryan and his buddies. In this episode, he’s joined by brother Dan and Dr. Jeff Greenberger, their former-teacher-turned-honorary-highschool-buddy, for a post-trip recap. Danielle closes the show with a look at riding out an Isle Royale storm from ENP headquarters.

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