Everybody's National Parks | National Park Week Throwback Thursday: Other Great National Park… (Bonus Episode)
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  • National Park Week Throwback Thursday: Other Great National Park… (Bonus Episode)
    This week, we’re doing something a little different. It’s National Park Week, and we’re teaming up with other National Park podcasters, authors, bloggers, and other content creators to celebrate. 

    The theme for Today, Thursday, April 23rd is “Throwback Thursday,” so a few of us podcasts decided to band together for a “best-of” sort of episode. We’re going to play you a clip each from, Gaze at the National Parks, Everybody’s National ParksParklandia, and America’s National Parks. These throwback episodes are some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy.

    Thank you to America's National Parks for producing this episode.
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    Discussion includes the following:

    • 1:25 We began with full-time RVers Matt and Brad Kirouac, who travel the county with one goal: to visit as many national parks as possible, producing the Parklandia Podcast. We threw back to Parklandia’s first episode ever as they sat down for a glass of wine made in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 
    • 7:30 In Dustin Ballard and Michael Ryan’s Gaze at the National Parks Podcast, each episode features one hiking trail in one national park, one park at a time. The clip is from Episode 10 – Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. After getting on the Angel’s Landing Trail right at 7am, Mike and Dusty make it all the way to the top of the Chains. Dusty’s fear of heights keeps him clutching to a boulder while Mike walks to all of the edges and takes all of the photos. 
    • 13:03 Everybody’s National Parks is an audio guide podcast promoting family adventure in our national parks — like having a ranger in your pocket. Danielle along with her husband Bryan and their 2 junior rangers have new episodes that come out every other Tuesday. Each series of episodes includes a trip report and interviews with experts, tips and insight on what makes that park special. Everybody’s National Parks has in-depth multi-episode series on dozens of parks, along with special guests episodes. We featured a few different clips: An excerpt from the Yosemite trip report from May 2019, a clip of Historian – musician Tom Bopp performing “Yosemite, O Land of Cliffs and Waterfalls,” ending with a clip from their interview with Ken Burns from April 2019. Everybody’s National Parks 8–part podcast series on Yosemite also includes a wonderful conversation about Ansel Adams’ legacy with his son Michael, grandson Matthew and internationally known photographer and Ansel’s last darkroom assistant, Alan Ross, and so much more. 
    • 16:46 Finally, a clip from the America’s National Parks podcast, produced and hosted by Jason Epperson and Abigail Trabue, as they travel the country with their three boys. They tell stories from the past, spotlight conservation efforts, and bring you the latest news from the parks. The clip came from our episode “37 Days in Yellowstone,” which tells the story of Truman Everts, who was separated from the Washburn expedition that set out to explore the wild and wondrous land that is now Yellowstone National Park. Blunder after blunder led everts to lose both his horse and a supply horse, a pistol, and two knives. He lit the forest on fire twice, accidentally slept in a bear’s den, and spent days in a tree after being chased up it by a mountain lion. Yet miraculously, he survived.

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    And please make sure to join in the National Park Week Fun by checking out all of the posts from the National Parks Creative Exchange and the National Park Service on any of our social media accounts, and by following the hashtag #NationalParkWeek.

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