Everybody's National Parks | ENP 7.4 Olympic National Park: Hurricane Ridge
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  • ENP 7.4 Olympic National Park: Hurricane Ridge
    Bryan talks with park ranger Greg Marsh at Olympic National Park about Hurricane Ridge, why it is special and what to do when you visit. He also talks about the fun town of Port Angeles, his punk rock band and his annual spring family pilgrimage to see the whale migration.  
    Discussion includes the following:
    • What is Hurricane Ridge and what makes it special (2:06)
    • Bicycling Hurricane Ridge Road (3:06)
    • Why is it called Hurricane Ridge (4:08)
    • How the forest changes with elevation (5:11)
    • Wildflowers (7:44)
    • Wildlife (10:19)
    • Parks and nature for mental health (14:10)
    • Programs at Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center (16:19)
    • Activities with Kids (18:36)
    • Backpacking adventure (20:55)
    • Snow activities (23:15)
    • Port Angelis (28:25)
    • Greg’s punk band, MCFD (31:29)
    • Greg shares his most special experience in Olympic National Park (33:07)
    • Whale Migration (35:27)