Everybody's National Parks | <span >ENP 6.4 Great Smoky Mountains: Recreation and Insider Tips</span >
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  • ENP 6.4 Great Smoky Mountains: Recreation and Insider Tips
    This is episode 6.4, the fourth episode in our series on Great Smoky Mountains National Park. First, Bryan speaks with Dana Soehn, the parks spokesperson. Dana talks about recreation and how to tackle this vast and myriad park. Next, Danielle speaks with Brent McDaniel of the park’s nonprofit partner, Friends of The Smokies about insider tips for visitors.

    Discussion includes the following:
    • National Park Service plans to close Claude Moore Colonial Farm. Voice your opinion to save the farm. Visit 1771.org/savethefarm (0:28)
    • Support the show on Patreon (1:18)
    • Overview of the park’s services and activities (2:34)
    • Recommendations for 1 week long trip (5:30)
    • Kid-friendly hikes (9:07)
    • Front country and backcountry camping (13:39)
    • Lodging outside the Park and LeConte Lodge (20:40)
    • Trout fishing (24:45)
    • Cades Cove 11 mile loop bike ride (27:33)
    • Guided horseback ride (28:27)
    • Suggestions for mitigating crowds (29:22)
    • Dana’s favorite Smokies Experience (32:31)
    • Brent McDaniel’s Recommended hikes for families (36:30)
    • Alternative activities – horseback riding, ranger programs, tubing, fishing (39:27)
    • Other tips for planning a visit (44:34)
    • Elk (47:52)
    • Friends of the Smokies programs (50:38)