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  • ENP 25 Camping and Glamping Tips for National Park Trips
    “There's just something about the campground that draws you continually outside and also into really social situations with your family. And that's something that we all need more and more these days when at home.” (Stephanie Puglisi)
    Stephanie Puglisi at Avalanche Lake GlacierStephanie Puglisi at Avalanche Lake Glacier
    See You at the Campground by Stephanie PuglisiSee You at the Campground by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi
    Camping is not just in a tent. Danielle talks with Stephanie Puglisi of The RV Atlas podcast and co-author of See You at the Campground: A Guide to Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors, about the benefits of staying in a campground setting rather than a hotel during your national park visit. Stephanie shares how there is a camping situation to fit everyone’s needs and comfort: cabin, tent or RV.

    Whether you're new to camping or a seasoned pro, hit the road with Stephanie and Jeremy as they show you the different ways that camping can lead to a happier, healthier family. From hiking with infants, to navigating RV dealerships and mixing the perfect campfire cocktails — these campers have tried it all, and See You at the Campground is packed with personal anecdotes, packing lists, site recommendations, and recipes that will foster a love of the outdoors.

    The perfect resource for all parents, this is the ultimate guide to growing closer as a family every time you set up camp — whether it's in a cabin, tent, or RV. So, grab some trail mix and hit the road — and we'll see you at the campground!

    Note: This episode is coming out March 31, 2020 during Covid-19. Please be safe and follow guidelines to stay at home and social distance. If you are going to a national park, check the website for specific closures and guidelines for that park. The content of this interview is to inspire future travel once it is safe to do so. Thank you and we hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.
    The Puglisis enjoying some family time outside their camper.The Puglisis enjoying some family time outside their camper.
    The Puglisi family outside their lodge.The Puglisi family outside their lodge.
    Vintage trailer for rent.Vintage trailer for rent.
    The Puglisi family at Olympic National Park.The Puglisi family at Olympic National Park.
    Recreational vehicle (RV) for rent. Recreational vehicle (RV) for rent.

    Discussion includes the following:

    4:25 - Why Stephanie prefers the campground experience.
    8:11 - Different types of camping - Find the style that suits you.
    15:13 - Staying at campgrounds right outside Glacier National Park with all of the amenities.
    15:40 - Examples of selecting camping situation for every trip depends on the situation and research (Badlands, Utah)
    18:07 - Unique camping situations in the Pacific Northwest
    25:37 - Tips for how to rent your first RV: motorized, small side Class B or C
    • Peer to peer rental: RV Share or Outdoorsy - look for best reviews, responsive and supportive
    • Cruise America - RVs made specifically for renters and provide a lot of support. More pricey than peer to peer rental.
    30:55 - Camping is not necessarily cheaper, but gives you more control of your costs so it can be cheaper
    32:34 - How to choose the right campground for your family? It depends on what is important to your family.
    35:00 - Stephanie shares some favorite campgrounds around national parks.
    37:50 - Packing tips
    40:08 - Camp food tips
    46:29 - Tips for camping with family and friends who are not campers.
    49:52 - Stephanie shares her favorite family national park camping experience at Glacier National Park hiking to Grinnell Glacier.
    53:11 - Go to the RV Atlas website to listen and subscribe to the RV Atlas podcast and read their blog. See You at the Campground is available wherever books are sold. They also have a private RV Atlas Facebook group if you're looking for more advice on camping.
    Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi holding their book.Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi holding their book, See You at the Campground.

    Hear our interview, “5 Amazing National Park Lodges” on the RV Atlas podcast.


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