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  • ENP 18.1 Bay Area: Trip Report - Muir Woods, Presidio/Fort Point, Rosie the Riveter
    View of The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco from Hawk HillView of The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco from Hawk Hill

    Bryan and daughters walking in Muir WoodsBryan and daughters walking in Muir Woods
    We all know that San Francisco has a lot to offer travelers and tourists by itself. The city by itself is full of history, culture, food and experiences. However, as Bryan and I discover, the Bay area is full of National Park Service sites as well (more than 30).

    Although Muir Woods is a short thirty minutes from the bustling city, if you go early Bryan and I found it easy to get lost in the shade and serenity of the ancient redwoods that stretched as far as the eye could see. Muir Woods is truly a park to walk with quiet groves that create a meditative atmosphere. (Note that it gets crowded as the day goes on.)

    Fort Point Fort Point
    After leaving the serenity of Muir Woods, we continued our journey to Hawk Hill where we delighted in the gorgeous panoramic views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay while also reminiscing about the history of World War II through various war artifacts still present.

    From there, we headed to the Presidio across the Golden Gate Bridge, at the tip of San Francisco proper. There are many ways to interact with and experience the Presidio, and we barely scratched the surface. We were, of course, short on time, so we decided to continue our exploration of military history with a visit to Fort Point. Although we enjoyed learning the history, there is something quite special about seeing The Golden Gate Bridge from multiple perspectives.

    Rosie The Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic ParkRosie The Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic Park
    Our girls gained so much from Rosie the Riveter National Historic Site, so we highly recommend this experience for families. Located inside of what was an old Ford factory, the site truly encapsulates how crisis creates social change in a way that truly engaged our family. Our daughters enjoyed the trip so much! They share their favorite takeaways from Muir Woods, Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic Park, and Fort Point.

    There is so much to do in the Bay area, we will need to plan a return trip! As for us, this trip was focused on Yosemite National Park with these bonus visits upon arrival and before flying home from the Oakland airport.

    Our Discussion Journey:
    • Bryan and Danielle discuss Muir Woods and the sights of San Francisco (2:03)
    • Reservation requirements for visiting Muir Woods (4:55)
    • Who founded Muir Woods? (6:21)
    • What are you going to see as you approach the Muir Woods National Park (7:54)
    • Bryan and Danielle discuss the experience of Muir Woods and how they interacted with the natural space (8:57)
    • We talk “Tree Talk” adventures and sunrise walks (12:30)
    • Why the redwoods are so captivating (14:15)
    • Exploring the panoramic views and the history of Hawk Hill (16:42)
    • About Fort Point and the Presidio (18:55)
    • The perspective our girls had on Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic Site (23:17)
    • Bryan’s take on a valuable lesson Rosie has for all of us (26:44)
    • What the Home Front National Park has to offer beyond Rosie (27:42)
    • Danielle’s eldest daughter shares her Muir Woods experience (29:57)
    • The tallest, the biggest, the oldest of the trees (31:05)
    • How do redwoods get their water & how climate change impacts this (32:56)
    • Daughter’s joke of the day (33:51)
    • Why daughter loves Rosie the Riveter & other takeaways from Fort Point (34:28)
    • Insights from Danielle’s youngest daughter (37:01)

    Coastal Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world.Coastal Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world.

    The Immigration Yarn Project ExhibitionThe Immigration Yarn Project Exhibition
    Tips for your Travels:
    • You need to make a reservation for Muir Woods in advance. You can either reserve a parking spot in 30 minute increments or reserve a shuttle online.
    • Get lost in the quiet atmosphere and be mindful of volume to fully experience the majesty of Muir Woods.
    • Check the Muir Woods website for special tours that you need to plan ahead for.
    • Don’t forget your camera.
    • Always check the weather!
    • Carry more water than you think you need!

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