Everybody's National Parks | ENP 17: Tips for Photography in the National Parks with Chris Nicholson
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  • ENP 17: Tips for Photography in the National Parks with Chris Nicholson
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, ColoradoBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado - photo by Chris Nicholson

    Chris Nicholson in AcadiaChris Nicholson in Acadia - photo by Steven Ryan
    Author of Photographing National Parks and partner with the “National Parks at Night” program, Chris Nicholson’s expertise and advice for both amateur and professional photographers interested in capturing the beauty of National Parks is absolutely indispensable.

    From the dynamic shoots of Acadia to the stunning coastline of Oregon, Chris shares his journey into photography and tips of the trade as a nature photographer. While sharing personal stories, we learn how Chris ventured into photographing the National Parks and what led him to publish a book on the subject.
    Olympic National Park, WashingtonOlympic National Park, Washington - photo by Chris Nicholson

    Chris Nicholson in Death ValleyChris in Death Valley - photo by Susan Magnano
    While my old camera and smartphone may be enough for my trips with family, Chris shares gear that is important for a true photography adventure into the wild.
    Whether you are just beginning to discover the art of photography or you’re a pro, Chris has fantastic experience to answer some of your pressing questions. How can you navigate your photography goals? Should your family be there? What gear is helpful when capturing nature? How does Chris manage his photos during and after a trip?

    Using his personal and professional experience, all of these questions and more are explored in remarkable detail.
    Death Valley National Park, CaliforniaDeath Valley National Park, California - photo by Chris Nicholson

    Everglades National Park, FloridaEverglades National Park, Florida - photo by Chris Nicholson

    Our Discussion Journey:
    • Chris shares how he became interested in photographing the National Parks. (2:37)
    • How a comical misunderstanding led to Photographing National Parks. (5:10)
    • Chris describes how his book is helpful when photographing National Parks. (6:02)
    • Chris and Danielle discuss common struggles when traveling with non-photographers, including what gear to pack. (8:02)
    • Chris explains the importance of knowing your purpose while traveling. (9:48)
    • Weather-proofing your equipment. (12:45)
    • Chris gets specific about helpful bags to carry while taking photos in National Parks. (14:52)
    • Tips for casual photographers to ensure success in National Parks. (16:29)
    • Photography techniques for photographing nature. (18:52)
    • Recommendations for choosing the right park photography workshop. (21:34)
    • Additional tips on finding photography workshops. (23:38)
    • How to judge the quality of a workshop. (24:48)
    • Chris discusses three National Parks he enjoys visiting and why. (26:24)
    • Does Chris have favorite natural features that he enjoys photographing? (28:44)
    • Managing photos both during and after a trip to a park. (31:27)
    • Chris shares some stories and why he’s not afraid of the dark anymore. (33:45)
    Acadia National Park, MaineAcadia National Park, Maine - photo by Chris Nicholson

    Tips for your Travels:
    • Photographer ready to travel? Make sure you have the right equipment to carry your items!
    • When traveling with family, schedule a day of solo photography ahead of time.
    • Use a hotel shower cap to protect your camera from the rain in a pinch.
    • Use what you have on hand, like a wallet or boulder, if a tripod isn’t available to you.
    • Always backup your photos.
    • Always check the weather!
    Grand Teton National Park, WyomingGrand Teton National Park, Wyoming - photo by Chris Nicholson

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