Everybody's National Parks | ENP 11.1 Everglades & Biscayne: Trip Report (Part 1)
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  • ENP 11.1 Everglades & Biscayne: Trip Report (Part 1)
    In episode 11.1 Danielle, Bryan and their daughters talk about their trip to Everglades National Park during the government shutdown. The next episode will be part 2 of the trip discussing Biscayne National Park.

    Discussion includes the following:
    • How to help the National Parks recover from the impacts of the Government Shutdown (0:15)
    • Debate to cancel our trip during the Government Shutdown and current conditions of Everglades National Park (1:56)
    • Stop for fruit shakes at Robert is Here in Homestead (6:20)
    • Earnest Coe Visitor Center and Main Park Road to Flamingo Campground on Florida Bay (8:25)
    • Camping Mistake (9:40)
    • Anhinga Trail – A must see (13:35)
    • Shark Valley (20:00)
    • An invasive species, the Burmese Python (26:30)
    • Flamingo Marina – Kayaking and Boat tour, Crocodiles, Manatees (28:42)
    • Kids’ impressions of Everglades National Park (35:54)
    • Paurotis Pond and Pa-Hay-okee Overlook (45:14)
    • Overnight paddling and backcountry camping on Chickees  (47:50)