Everybody's National Parks | ENP: 2.4.1: Shenandoah History: Part 1
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  • ENP: 2.4.1: Shenandoah History: Part 1
    This is the first of 2 parts on Shenandoah’s History. We hear from 3 historians: Sara Gregg from the University of Kansas focuses on land use policy. Katrina Powell at Virginia Tech researched letters written by families displaced due to the parks creation. Audrey Horning is an Anthropology and Archeology Professor at William and Mary in Virginia. She conducted a multi-year Survey of Rural Mountain Settlements in the Virginia Blue Ridge from 1995-1998.

    In Part 1 we hear how a park came to Shenandoah (1:17), what happened to families living in the mountains (17:33), and letters written by families forced to relocate from the park area (29:13).

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